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Drumming Up Business

Source: Drum Circle Facilitators Guild from Drum Circle Facilitators Guild on Vimeo.

"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."
- Abraham H. Maslow

"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."
- John Cleese

Did you know that Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Toyota, Unilever, and Raytheon have hosted drum circles? In effect, companies such as these are adopting drum circles as additional organizational tools.

Within corporate/organizational environments, drum circles can be used as (please see References):

  • Ice breakers
  • Leadership and team building exercises
  • A means to boost productivity and morale, and reduce absenteeism and burnout
  • Forums to foster creativity, interaction, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Healthy distractions from day-to-day challenges
  • Fundraisers

Generally, drum circles are recognized as contributing to the individual's overall wellness. (For some of the reasons why individuals drum please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.)

Tom Alteen has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Vocational Education. He has many years of drumming, working, and teaching experiences to draw upon and is well positioned to assist with meeting your organizational event requirements and objectives.

Tom has an inventory of hand percussion instruments and offers a turnkey solution to groups, organizations, and corporations wishing to host drum circles.

Pricing for private events depends on your specific needs and the number of people likely in attendance. Simply contact Tom and he will be pleased to prepare a custom quote relative to your requirements.


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