About Musubi Drum Circles
Musubi Entrance  


(Photo by Collette Phillips, Sound Symposium XIX, 2018)

About Musubi Drum Circles

"Musubi" is a Japanese term that means "tie" or "knot." It is Musubi Drum Circles' mission to connect people by facilitating drum circles in the community as meaningful, entertaining, rhythmic, and relaxing social forums.

Musubi Drum Circles is located in St. John's, Newfoundland, and was founded by Tom Alteen, M.B.A., B.Voc.Ed., who has certificates in Drum Circle Leadership and Primary Health Care Collaboration.

Tom is also a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG), a professional association of drum circle facilitators; Business & Arts NL, established to strengthen the relationship between business and the arts; and MusicNL, existing to address key issues affecting the Newfoundland and Labrador music industry.

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Happenings and Thoughts

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