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A Short Story, by Terry Dobson
Business & Arts NL
Community Drumming Events, St. John's, NL
Drum Circle Facilitators Guild
Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Video
Drum Circle Leadership with Jim Donovan
Drum Circles Network
Drumming for Healing, (2010) by Healing Quest
Drums Aren't Just for Music: They're Therapy, Too , (2014) by Dale Eisinger
HealthRhythms Research Summary, by Remo
How Drum Circles Can Improve, if Not Cure, Your Depression, (2016) in Psychology Today   
How Drumming Heals The Mind, Body And Soul, (2015) in Awaken   
How to break the ice with rhythm--and look cool doing it, (2015) by Alisha Ross
How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep, (2018) by Jim Donovan (TEDxYoungstown)  
How to Tune a Djembe, Rope Tuning Instructions, (2012) by X8 Drums
Interview with Tom on CBC Radio, Western Newfoundland, (2016) by Bernice Hillier
Interview with Tom for Sound Symposium XIX, St. John's, (2018) by Annie Corrigan
Interview with Tom on VOCM Radio, St. John's, (2015} by Claudette Barnes
Interview with Tom on VOCM Radio, St. John's, (2017} by Claudette Barnes
Mike Deaton's Rhythm Playground
Link between drumming and drop in chronic pain, North Georgia Study (2019) by Beth Galvin, FOX Medical Team  
Music as medicine: Therapeutic drumming group for cancer patients, (2019) by Emily Tencer, KETV7 Omaha  
Music Therapy Video, (2013) Janeway Feature  
Musubi Drum Circles' Facebook page  
Musubi Drum Circles' Twitter page  
Musubi Drum Circles' YouTube channel  
7 Ways Taking Up The Drums Will Improve Your Life, (n.d.) by Alex Morris  
6 Evidence-Based Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul, by Shift
Sparks, Beavers, and Brownies Video, (2017) by Tom Alteen  
Teach Peace with World Rhythms, (2019) by Tom Alteen   
That Remo Ring, (2012) by DrumForChange
The Definitive Guide To African Drums, (2018) by Barking Drum
The Unwritten Rules Of Drum Circle Etiquette, (2011) by Arthur Hull   
Therapeutic Drumming and How it Helps Dementia, (2017) by Steven Benedetto

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